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This historic building now houses one of the most hip hotels in Washington, DC: A critique of the band The Line DC

2023-05-24  Sophia Zackary

It is impossible to ignore the fact that this former church has been converted into a hotel as you make your way up to The Line DC.

This towering structure serves as the focal point of the hip and happening Adams Morgan area. It features a substantial staircase made of concrete that ascends past towering columns to a pair of very enormous and very old doors. As soon as you step inside, take some time to admire the elaborate balcony, the numerous stained-glass windows, and the large open seating space. Even though it is not a sacred location any longer, it is nonetheless very impressive.

However, the moment you enter the lobby, you'll notice that style and coziness permeate every inch of the space. The ancient organ pipes have been reused into the geometric chandelier that is hanging from the vaulted ceiling, and the rowdy laughing of friends drinking cocktails near the bar has replaced the religious recitations that were formerly heard in the space.

Before you head back to the nation's capital, you should familiarize yourself with the following information on a stay at The Line DC.

Who or what exactly is The Line DC?

The Line DC is a chain of boutique hotels with locations in Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C., to provide visitors with a home away from home in the middle of big metropolitan areas. The Line DC is a hotel that first opened its doors in 2017 and has a total of 220 rooms and suites. It is difficult to tell who is a hotel visitor and who is a resident meeting pal for a drink at the No Goodbyes pub because the area is currently occupied by a hip crowd of young professionals.

A good position

The Line DC can be found in Adams Morgan, tucked away amid an array of vibrantly hued and warmly inviting boutiques, bakeries, and watering holes. The structure dates back to 1912 when it was constructed, and it was previously used to house the First Church of Christ Scientist. Elements of the church's history, such as ancient pews and hymnal boards, have been incorporated into the hotel's interior design. The repurposed space, on the other hand, is not at all eerie or quiet; rather, it is bustling with activity and warmly welcomes guests. If you arrive at the hotel before your room is ready, you can make yourself comfortable here with a good book and a hot cup of coffee.
After arriving in Washington, District of Columbia, you will need to either take a rideshare that will take you here in 20 minutes or take a bus that will take you here in 50 minutes from either Reagan National Airport (DCA) or Union Station. If you are flying into Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), expect a more time-consuming drive of fifty minutes or a bus travel of one and a half hours.

However, your efforts will not go unrewarded in the end. The neighborhood surrounding The Line DC has a residential vibe and is excellent for strolling about. Just walk straight out of the entrance doors and you'll find yourself surrounded by stores and restaurants that are bursting with individuality and charm. One of the longest cascading fountains in North America can be found in Meridian Hill Park, which can be reached on foot in five minutes. Afterward, take a stroll along the surrounding mile-long length of 18th Street Northwest, which is lined with restaurants, bakeries, bars, and shops and terminates in Dupont Circle. Visit the quaint bookstore known as Lost City Books, indulge in a meal at Lucky Buns, learn about plants at PLNTR, and peruse the record collection at Smash! Records.

Treat yourself to some gelato at Dolcezza or a drink at Tail Up Goat or Reveler's Hour if you just have time for one visit after a day spent exploring the city.
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The accommodations have a cozy feel to them.

The guest rooms at The Line DC are light and spacious, featuring huge windows and white walls that give a contemporary contrast to brass headboards, elegantly exposed cabling, and midcentury parquet floors. Even the massive oak desk in the style of a banker can convey a sense of approachability because of the haphazardly arranged stack of old books, the ingeniously concealed outlets concealed beneath a metal cover that hinges open, and the inclusion of an old-fashioned pen and postcard for maintaining contact with friends and family.

The eclectic mix of old and new touches seen throughout the rooms, especially the District Double Queen that I stayed in, is what sets these accommodations apart from others. The use of geometric light fixtures, a brass bed, and mismatched side tables all contribute to a style that is both traditional and contemporary and gives the impression of being at home. ...that is if you have a friend who is a designer who can assist you in decorating your home using antiques found at flea markets.
In addition, each room at The Line DC features pieces by local female artists, which contributes an additional layer of elegance to the space. The paintings can be found hanging alone or in small groups around the room's walls, lending an air of singularity to the space while also offering visitors a flavor of the culture of the city.

Despite having a smaller footprint, the bathrooms have an air of sophistication about them thanks to the limestone tiling, modern walk-in showers, and luxurious Cowshed bath goods.

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The cuisine and beverages are refined take on traditional fare.

The Line's No Goodbyes is a coffee shop, restaurant, and bar all in one, so whether you're looking for a cup of coffee to go, a fantastic happy hour, or a place to sit down and have a meal, you'll find a variety of excellent options there.

A curated roster of "old dog" traditional drinks such as a negroni ($16) as well as "new tricks" twists like the Bay Cruiser G&T (gin, house-made blood orange mixer, bay leaf & bergamot tonic, $16) are served in the vast dining space's two bars, which serve both classic drinks like a negroni and new beverages like the Bay Cruiser G&T. However, in keeping with the spirit of the Line, even the most traditional beverages, such as the Old Fashioned ($17), are prepared with unique house-made components, like as foraged black walnut bitters.

If you want a robust start to the day, you may get a traditional southern breakfast sandwich for breakfast that costs $8 and is made with cage-free eggs and American cheese on a fluffy buttermilk biscuit. For an additional $2, you can add either bacon or turkey sausage. You can also try the more daring foraged mushroom frittata at No Goodbyes ($18), which is cooked with cage-free eggs, wild mushrooms, smoked yogurt, herbs, and dressed greens.

You can choose from a variety of one-of-a-kind dishes for lunch and dinner, such as the bright beet-pickled eggs with harissa mustard (which costs $6) and a duck breast pastrami reuben with seasonal kraut, Muenster cheese, and garlic horseradish aioli (which costs $17), or you can order an old favorite like the cheese board, which features local cheeses, seasonal jam, pickles, and benne crackers (which costs $26).

Be sure to look at the events calendar at The Line DC to see whether or not something is entertaining that you can participate in while you are there. I was allowed to participate in a free cocktail-making lesson, and during the class, one of the bartenders instructed us on how to make spring beverages that we could serve to our guests at home. Even though he refused to divulge any of the bar's trade secrets, we had a great time that night learning new things, mixing things up, and trying things out. One of my other students also asked the bartender about plans for the area that had been occupied by Rake's Progress, the hotel's fine-dining restaurant that had closed in 2020. The bartender would only tell us that the area is now utilized for private parties, however, when questioned further by our group.

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The gymnasium has sufficient amenities.

One of the most well-equipped hotel gyms that I've ever seen is located in the basement of The Line DC. Both Morning Peloton aficionados and CrossFit junkies can get a terrific workout at this facility, which features traditional cardio equipment and weights in addition to bars, padded medicine balls, and training sleds. This variety ensures that there is something for every fitness level and interest.

In addition, there is a sizable whiteboard on which you can write out your routines, and there is a powerful sound system that will keep you inspired at any hour of the day. Even if you are the kind of person who always leaves their sneakers at home when they go on vacation, you are going to want to bring them with you for this stay.

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Accessibility during your time at The Line DC

The majority of the hotel's entrances, as well as the restaurant, parking lots, and public facilities, are all accessible to guests using wheelchairs. This accessibility extends throughout the restaurant as well. In addition, some suites and rooms are wheelchair accessible and come equipped with roll-in showers.

There are several reasons why you might not enjoy The Line DC.

  • If your vacation is more focused on traditional sightseeing in Washington, DC rather than exploring the trendy Adams Morgan district, you will probably want to stay somewhere closer to the museums and monuments on your list. This is because traditional sightseeing in Washington, DC includes the Capitol Building, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument. The National Mall may be reached by car in fifteen minutes or by bus in thirty minutes from The Line DC, making this location somewhat inconvenient for tourists.
  • Even if the hotel lobby and rooms are decorated in a hipster manner, the vintage radio that is still in working order that is placed on the bedside offers significantly less utility than a standard nightstand clock. You could be dissatisfied with this hotel if you prefer unique conversation pieces over trustworthy chain hotel mainstays because some of those chain hotel staples are absent from this establishment.


  • If you plan to get around during your trip using public transit, the hotel that you stay in should be located near a metro station. Columbia Heights, which is the station closest to The Line DC, can be reached on foot in about 15 minutes.
  • The Line DC takes great pride in the fact that it welcomes families on its website; yet, both the surrounding area and the atmosphere of the hotel are targeted more at hip young adults than they are toward families with children. In addition, the bed frames are made of metal, and the furniture in the rooms is angular and made of wood, neither of which is suitable for toddlers.
    The Hilton Morrow Hotel is located in Washington, District of Columbia.

Bottom line

The Line DC creates the atmosphere of a home away from home amid a hip neighborhood in Washington, DC. The contemporary furnishings, some of which make a reference to the building's previous life as a church, help to create an atmosphere that is not only distinctive but also homey and welcoming. You might find yourself reciting the hotel's motto after a strenuous workout at the gym, a walk around the neighborhood, or a happy hour with friends in the hotel bar. "You need to stay in line (just this once)."

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2023-05-24  Sophia Zackary